Sunday, March 29, 2009

wAitiNg fOr da pRinCe..

My dream man??he is a prince. a frog prince??haha..sounds interesting heh.. Actually, I’m not sure about this because I don’t think about my future life partner yet. However, there are some values that make me feel good about guys ;

ü I rather choose cute than handsome guy because handsome is juz handsome but when my eyes interpret someone as cute, he will seem cute, sweet and handsome. However, external appearance is not the main point.

ü I feel nice when seeing guys wearing their Baju Melayu. In appearance, guys usually look handsome and gentleman in Baju Melayu.*

ü I truly respect a well religious guy and he can give his advice to others in good way.*

ü I like the patient and enthusiastic guy, means, he is not easily give up with any failure.

ü He can be trusted and a loyal friend.*

ü He is not willing to take advantage on me and can respect my stand.

ü He is caring but not too caring or lest, I will feel to get away from him because he seems to control me.(aaaarrrgh!)

ü He can make me feel safe when I’m close to him and at the same time he makes me feel free.*

ü He does not treat me too nice because usually this kind of guy is too sensitive and I’m worried that his feeling might get hurt. In other words, I like to make friend with someone strong and has tough feeling.

ü If he is my friend, he can accept me in all the way I’m being and be a moral booster when I get down.

ü And, if he is my husband in the future, he can teach me how to be a good woman and wife*..(^^,)

*special and somehow quite difficult to meet.


  1. mike??nothing wrong with him.its fun friend with him..

  2. I hope you can find your prince charming one day..

  3. Where are your other entries dear?

  4. hahah
    all the characteristic ada kat sya= muhammad aiman

  5. tq miss..i hope so too.ngeh2..^_^