Sunday, March 29, 2009

wAitiNg fOr da pRinCe..

My dream man??he is a prince. a frog prince??haha..sounds interesting heh.. Actually, I’m not sure about this because I don’t think about my future life partner yet. However, there are some values that make me feel good about guys ;

ü I rather choose cute than handsome guy because handsome is juz handsome but when my eyes interpret someone as cute, he will seem cute, sweet and handsome. However, external appearance is not the main point.

ü I feel nice when seeing guys wearing their Baju Melayu. In appearance, guys usually look handsome and gentleman in Baju Melayu.*

ü I truly respect a well religious guy and he can give his advice to others in good way.*

ü I like the patient and enthusiastic guy, means, he is not easily give up with any failure.

ü He can be trusted and a loyal friend.*

ü He is not willing to take advantage on me and can respect my stand.

ü He is caring but not too caring or lest, I will feel to get away from him because he seems to control me.(aaaarrrgh!)

ü He can make me feel safe when I’m close to him and at the same time he makes me feel free.*

ü He does not treat me too nice because usually this kind of guy is too sensitive and I’m worried that his feeling might get hurt. In other words, I like to make friend with someone strong and has tough feeling.

ü If he is my friend, he can accept me in all the way I’m being and be a moral booster when I get down.

ü And, if he is my husband in the future, he can teach me how to be a good woman and wife*..(^^,)

*special and somehow quite difficult to meet.

tHinGs i wAnt To cHanGe iN mYseLf..

If I have a chance to change the things I wanna change in myself, I would answer this first – the negative side in myself. I want to be more confident with myself especially when I’m asked to talk in front of audience. A few times ago, I was actually a very very shy person especially with boys. Now, slowly, I’m getting over it already. I want to be good in English too so that I can speak English fluently. I’m also very naughty, so I want to change myself to be a good girl to my family first before one day I can be a good woman then I want to be a good wife to my future hubby and finally be a good mama to my children!(^^,)..hehe.. Another thing that I want to change in myself is I want to have an ideal mass. Oh, sometimes I feel worry why I can’t gain my body weight although I take lots of food. Don’t u believe me??if not, ask some of my close friends. I think, having a good mass also can make me more confident and comfortable with myself. Aiman, don’t pull my leg huh! biskut kering pon sodap pew..^0^!

gOng Xi Fa cHAi??!

I almost forgot what really happened during the last Chinese new year holiday. Now, I remembered it. It was just a boring holiday. I didn’t feel that I was really in holiday because I brought some assignments and my first chemy lab report that should be submitted after the mid break. However, that was the first time I reached my new home since I just moved from my former home at Sungai Besar, Selangor – the place where I’d been lived almost 10 years since I was aged 8. When I was first in my new hometown, I felt quite lonely because I can’t meet my best friends as usual before this. No more yenyen who always punching me, asking me to pluck the unripe kakai and dila to hear gossips.. no faiz to hear touching love stories adam to hear the more elephant slides that we always play with (our size are no longer fit with the slides) more eating rambutan, M&M chocolate or even unripe mango in the library.. hahahahaha..never expect I will leave all those sweet memories..miss them too much! Oh, am i veering too much? juz wanna share it with you.That was about my pass. my homeworks? I’d already done it successfully before I went back to the college. no more worry ,ok!=)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

mY eXperienCe bEing a UitmT stuDent 4 oNe seMester..(^^,)

Firstly, I want to make an apologize to miss syaz because some problems had occurred on my blogs. I deserved to post my previous blog earlier. im so sure that I really posted my first blog once but finally I found that the blog that I posted was not sent. May be it was due to the network problems temporarily. Then, I took some times to get used of this blog – a new thing to me.

So, sharing about my previous experiences of being a student in UiTMT for one semester, I think everyone felt the common feeling when we started to live in new environment. Feeling of instinction. For the first time, I was going far from all my beloved family and friends. Everything is new to me and I learnt everything that new. Learning to be a new a new life..having new responsibilities..practising new skills..knowing new friends..finding new laughter and happiness..but confused in the new language??hoho..^0^! As a university student, I have to start an independent life if want to survive. Taking diploma in chemical engineering coarse, it is more challenging than I thought before. I’m one of the 5th batch students taking DCE since the 1st batch entered about 3 years ago. Here, DCE students are associated with the name of ChESS. very cute right?? I knew some of the seniors and they were very nice. Unlike the seniors from the other coarses, I heard some of the seniors bullied their juniors. Poor them!

To all my friends, I would like to thank to all of them because they coloured my life here. Although only 22 students in my group with 16 boys and 6 girls, but it was happening being in this group – EHD2CB. This is due to boys’ voices, of coarse laa..their voices were louder. Girls were more shy(only in this semester)..haha..And finally, I had sat the final exam. I didn’t expect that it is a big deal to me for the first time because I just thought that it like the monthly test in school. Then, I realized the reality. The scene on that day remembering me as I was taking my previous SPM examination. Wowowwo..taking the paper at the freezing DA(indeed!I can’t forget the coldness!) with the invigilators supervising the candidates..and I finished my papers with all my enthusiastic..(^^,)..After all, a month later.. I got a flying colours result that made me feel happy because it was very unexpected.yey!^_^